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German Oil Paintings on Canvas from Arndt Tomás

Art Gallery with unique oil paintings on canvas

Welcome in my Art Gallery! Take a journey through Europe and get an impression of my diverse artistry styles of painting: From european impressions, classical artwork, the Provence, impressions from Morocco with Touaregs and Dromedaries, aesthetic nude oil paitnings with women and political art in the category Zeitgeist you will also find oil paintings from Germany, Hamburg as well as the first paintings from the exclusive Elbe Philharmonic Concert Hall. Join the Arndt Tomás network and remain up to date with my newsletter that is send approx. two times a year. My oil paintings are already wide spread in several countries; read the whole story of here.

Introduction to Arndt Tomás

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Get started with a short introduction of Arndt Tomás and some of my impressions in high resolution (state of issue: May 2015).
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Zeitgeist • Profound Artwork - Current Events as Story for Reflexions

Political impressions you have never seen: Starting with the financial problems of Spain hast, you also find Self-Destruction that symbolizes the financial decline of the United States of America: a story about an erstwhile wealthy nation that dropped down to bankruptcy. Beyond the Peak of the Financial Game is a triptych about the insolvency of Greece in Europe. My triptych New World Order will give you impressions on several stages that leads mankind to a new centralized control over the world.

Let's face it: Have you heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? I also painted the Deepwater Horizon Blowout, symbolizing the deep impact for our ecological system. Global Warming will be one mayor challenge in this century. My triptych Global Financial Crisis shows three mayor central banks (USA, EU, GB): An oil painting about the new dimension of our global financial crisis and increasing lack of confidence in our economic system. With my triptych Yes, we can! I symbolize the promises of the American president Barack Obama: A picture about democracy, economic crises and military destruction. More...

Zeitgeist • Profound Artwork by Arndt Tomás HD • English

Hamburg on Art - An outstanding city in Northern Germany growing fast

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. Hamburg Harbour, its principal port, is the second largest port city in Europe and within the first ten most important ports in the world. It had transhipments of 9 million standard container units (TEU) and 134 million tons of goods in 2006. Hamburg is an outstanding and beautiful city surrounded by water, the basic element for daily life. I have drawn several visions in oil to reflect these. More...

First art of the Elbe Philharmonic concert Hall in Hamburg, Germany

The construction costs for the Elbe Philharmonic concert Hall in Hamburg, a spectacular glass-fronted building that will tower over the city's harbour and southern city, will cost approximately 500 million Euros. Built on top of an old coffee warehouse from the 1960s, the futuristic new complex located at the end of southern Hamburg right beside the river Elbe will welcome entering ships in the second biggest harbour of Europe. The building will be 360 feet tall.

Supporters of the new building have announced that the Elbe Philharmonic concert Hall will take a place among the world's 10 best concert halls. City mayor Ole von Beust said he expects it to raise the profile of Germany's prosperous second-biggest city. Hamburg will therefore develop its image from a big city to a metropolis that will be well known in the world. Based on plans by the well known Swiss architects Herzog & Meuron the building is planned to be completed in the beginning of 2010. Arndt Tomás is the first artist that has drawn his vision of the new symbol of Hamburg from different perspectives. More...

Features of my Art Gallery • German painter Arndt Tomás

You may order or buy the oil painting you like through the order form. Furthermore, your comments are highly appreciated! Feel free to sign in my newsletter to stay up to date. New oil paintings will be introduced, art exhibitions announced and personal comments about new artwork will be given. Note: The proportions of the pictures are not consistently kept in the thumbs. Click on the thumb to enlarge each picture in true proportions. Please keep in mind that deviations from the original colour tone can result due to computer settings and picture quality.

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